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Our Mission Statement and Philosophy

We recognize and deeply respect the fact that the client makes everything possible. Our mission is to best serve the needs and interests of our clients by providing creative vision, uncompromising standards and the finest products, workmanship, and services possible.

We believe that everything we do is a reflection not only of ourselves, but also our employees, our vendors, our customers and the earth upon which we live. To that end, we treat all the myriad of elements that make our job possible with the utmost respect and integrity.

We know that our creations have immediate effect, but understand that the true value of our work will be known over many years. The ability we have to physically change the earth carries with it the responsibility of stewardship. In reflection of that, our garden designs are earth friendly, sustainable, organic and as efficient as possible. We really do believe that we make the world a better place…one garden at a time.

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