Your Project

Are you good at what you do?

Yes! We are not only great at our craft, but we are passionate about it.

Will I need a landscape plan?

Detailed landscape planning is essential for the success of more complex projects. After our initial consultation, we will advise if a landscape plan is appropriate. Should you wish to proceed with plan development; a design services fee will be assessed. Planning will then continue with additional site visits and meetings with you as necessary. When drawings and specifications are complete, they will be presented to you along with project cost estimates.

Who will be in charge of my project?

The crew foreman will have direct on-site control of your project. The landscape designer oversees each project and meets frequently with both the foreman and the client. Daniel Higgins, the owner, is always in overall control of every project.

Our Work

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely. Everything we do has a full one-year guarantee from the date of completion. If any plants die or any mechanical systems fail as a result of a defective component or workmanship, they will be replaced or repaired once, at no cost to the owner; assuming payment terms have been met. Damage caused by extreme weather, mechanical damage or failure to provide proper maintenance and care, are excluded from the warranty as these are beyond our control. Plants are not covered by our guarantee if the site does not have an automated irrigation system.

Are you properly licensed and insured?

Yes. Our general contractor number is EVANSCN944DN. We carry a $2 million liability policy and are bonded by a private insurance firm. We are licensed by all governmental agencies having jurisdiction, and meet all local, state and federal requirements.
Payment Process

Do I have to sign a contract and what is the payment process for your services?

Yes. All construction services regardless of scope, require a contract with 50% of the total amount due at signing, and the balance payable upon completion. Accepted forms of payment are personal or cashiers check, wire transfer or cash.