Daphne Odora winter fragrance

This time of the year we aren’t always walking around in our Gardens so There is nothing more welcoming than a waft of heady fragrance.

Daphne odora is one of those fabulous plants that in my opinion is a must have in every Garden tucked in on either side of the front door or along the entrance Pathway to your home it’s one of those plants that makes getting through the winter months just a little more pleasant.

I love to cut a few sprigs off and put them in tiny vases around the house the perfume that they give off is the Perfect Blend not too overwhelming.

These Evergreen plants with beautiful Rosy pink flower buds that open to White in early winter thru early spring love a dappled shade environment.

Now is the time to purchase for best selection. Enjoy

Evans Creek loves lettuce!

evans creek loves lettuce

There is nothing more wonderful than going out into your own vegetable garden and picking fresh lettuce for dinner. Evans Creek landscape has installed many gardens over the years. And more and more clients are asking for vegetable gardens. Putting in raised garden boxes allows easy access for picking and maintaining your veggies. Adding drip  irrigation also keeps plants evenly watered and thriving.

Spring is coming!

Signs of SpringEvans Creek Landscape loves to incorporate spring bulbs into our landscape projects. If you take a few minutes in the fall to plant these wonderful snow drop bulbs you will be rewarded with these tiny beautiful heads greeting you in late January to early February.This year they are early lucky us! Plant them 3-4 inches below the surface. After they bloom let the heads go to seed and they will naturalize in your garden creating wonderful drifts of white bobbing heads.