Holiday pots for the porch to add some bling factor

This is the time of year when your holiday pots are welcoming family and friends to your home. It presents an opportunity to make your porch extra special. Adding a beautiful container in a fun color and shape is always a great way to go. Make sure you get a pot that is large enough for the space being to small will get just get lost and not make an impact. Next fill it with good organic soil add in some time release fertilizer and you are ready to plant up.
I love to use tiny evergreen trees then I add in some moss and a few pansies will last right thru till springtime. One of my favorite Hellebore to use is ivory prince the leaves are evergreen the flowers start to emerge in the new year depending on the area you live in with a wonderful white face which easily goes with any decor. Put in some Wintergreen it has beautiful red berries that are bright and cheerful. Don’t forget the slug bait to protect everything you just planted.
There are other ways to take your pots up a notch by adding beautiful ornaments to reflect the light or candles can be added i love using the outdoor ones that are battery operated and have a remote feature making it super easy to turn on and off. Throw in some cedar bows or some holly add some pine cones. Take a walk around your garden and see what looks good to cut then insert it directly into the soil with the cool weather the cuttings will last right thru December looking fresh and festive. If you have an outlet nearby your pot try adding some tiny twinkle lights putting a timer on them will make it simple and easy for you to enjoy. We at Evans Creek Landscape wish you a very happy holiday

Got Irrigation?

Got Irrigation?

We are full-on into summer. Lawns are possibly becoming a soft straw color in some gardens, even with attempts at watering as the hot sun beats down on them day after day. Plants in the bed areas and any annuals in containers need to be watered every few days to every day.

What can make this chore easier is the help of an irrigation system. So you can spend your time enjoying your garden, plus its far more cost-efficient this way as the water is directed to specific areas in programmed zones at optimal times. Hanging baskets can be set for twice a day – early am and late pm – in the heat of the summer. The lawn area can be set for a deep watering every few days, and the veggie garden you planted can be soaked every day – making the yield greater than if they are struggling for a drink.

We at Evans Creek can help with getting an irrigation plan drawn up for you, whether you are interested in adding a system to an existing landscape or for a newly installed garden. I tell you, I would never have another garden without an irrigation system because it’s allowed me to get a lot more dynamic with what I have done on my half acre of garden space! The 29 + pots and baskets are automatically watered for me every day so all I have to do is deadhead and feed every couple of weeks. I have been able to add a variety of perennials and evergreen plants into the landscape and everything is happy.

An irrigation system does need yearly maintenance to maintain its optimal efficiency and not waste water. In the spring, it is a must to make sure heads are clear to properly water areas. In late fall, ensure the system is blown out before the temperature freezes to prevent any pipes from rupturing during winter months.

Here’s what’s blooming in gardens right NOW!

Here's what's blooming in gardens right NOW!

Here’s what’s blooming in gardens right NOW! One of my favorite flowers the tree peony. The blooms on this variety are insanely huge. The flower head’s are so heavy they have to be supported. To do this I like to use individual looped stakes or a grow thru type support. Green coated wire is best as it will blend in better. Plant your tree peony in a place where it receives afternoon shade. They don’t like to be moved but if you need to expect it to take a couple year’s till the bloom count comes back. Happy gardening.